Companies are hierarchal in nature within this software. A company has a type of company, and then a company can manage other companies. A Company can manage partners/supply chain vendors for their organization (a paid license is needed). A company can be managed by CTCI or an MSP/OEM.

Some important considerations

Everything is tied around a company: Notification Filters, Notification Groups, Notification Deliveries, Users, etc. What you can do in the company is based on your role. For example, in a company_admin role then you will have your company entries and all your partner entries. If you are a user within a company, you will only see your company’s entries.

The list of companies you can manage is called the managed company list.

Most of the security models come back to whether the user can manage that entity, that is, is that entity owned by the requested company for that operation, such as add user.

Deleting a company just disables the company behind the scenes, to formally delete all data behind the scenes, please send us an email to We do this as someone accidentally clicking on delete will wipe all data.

If you register and don’t have a company then you won’t see the admin menu and only the top half of the menu.


Some useful links:

  • Getting started with a Company.

Company API

Please refer to for more details.

Companies within the CTCI Portal

Select the menu option, Company.

Figure 1, Company Menu Option

Figure 1, Company Menu Option

The Company icon is a building.

A Company can be created by clicking the icon with the plus sign. Currently, it is restricted to only CTCI staff at the moment.

The Id value is an internal reference value to its location in the store. The Save button is self-explanatory. The back button goes back to the list of companies to which you have access.

Fields used in a Company

Field Name


Field Name



Internal value - you can ignore

Company Name

This is required

Token Name

This is the name you would like to call your token. It is required

Trial Expiry

If there is a trial running and when it expires

Company Managing Id

Which company can manage your company. By default, this is CTCI. However, there might be OEMs and resellers (VARs) that could do this on behalf of the customer.


Whether the company is enabled or not

Contact Details


Primary Contact Email


Primary Contact Phone Number


Secondary Contact Email


Secondary Contact Phone Number


Default Notification Email

This will be the email that alerts are sent if there are

Company Location


Company Address


Company State/Region


Country Postcode




Company Timezone


Company Type


Supported By



Who is the reseller


Who is the distributor

Partner Managing

If you are being managed as a partner







Flash Briefing


Legit SOAR

Legit that allows lots of calls. Paid

CEWL Zero Trust

CEWL with Partners. Paid

Legit Download

Legit, can download the data every day. Paid


Machine learning with CEWL. Paid

How to Edit a Company

Go to the list of companies to which you have access by clicking on the Company Button, as mentioned in Figure 1.

Click on one of the entries.

The next page shown will be the show page. It shows all the details. To Edit, you must select the edit page. The reason we do this is to stop accidental changing of the data. Most of the time, you will set and forgot.

Figure 5, Edit a Company.

Figure 5, Edit a Company.

Company Name, the primary contact email is required. Company Type shows different values based on what type of company you are: Company, Partner, Reseller, Distributor, etc.

Delete a Company

You cannot delete a company, it goes to disabled. As mentioned in the important considerations box, to formally delete all the data please contact us at

Figure 6, Deleting a Company