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Notification id_ref

Notification id_ref can be thought the pointer of the last notification of new CVE exploits. This is to be used by companies that want to use the API to manage the notifications of CVE exploits, from a push to a pull relationship.

Some important considerations

This is what our notification process uses.


Some useful links:

  • API documentation, please see below.

Notifcaiton id_ref API

Please refer to swagger.ctci.ai for more details.

Notification id_ref within the CTCI Portal

Select the menu option, Notification id_ref.

Figure 1, Notification id_ref Menu Option

Figure 1, Notification id_ref Menu Option

The Id value is an internal reference value to its location in the store. The Save button is self-explanatory. The back button goes back to the list of companies to which you have access.

Field Name


Field Name



Internal value - you can ignore

Latest id_ref

This is the current pointer reference to the CVEs. For example, if this point was 1000, and there eas 1020 total current CVEs, that means there would be 10 CVEs that would be used to notify. Once notification is complete, then Latest id_ref would be 1020, and the previous id_ref would be 1000.

previous id_ref

This is the previous CVE point reference

Current CVEs

Number of CVEs that are enabled

Other CVEs tracked

The total number of CVEs that are enabled and disabled


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