Processed can be thought of as which CVEs have been processed within your organization. This can be called by API, through the UI for the Processed entity, and through CEWL page UI.

Some important considerations

Processed only affects the viewing of the UI within CEWL.

Processed is really helpful for processing new CVEs in your organization. Once finished, you add it as processed, and then you only have a small list to process every day. See for more details on how to use CEWL.


Some useful links:

  • How to use CEWL, go here

  • How to be CEWL, you don’t need a link - in our books, you are already CEWL.

Processed API

Please refer to for more details.

Processed within the CTCI Portal

Select the menu option, Processed.

Figure 1, Processed Menu Option

Figure 1, Processed Menu Option

The Processed icon is a tick in a box. This is used to help your internal processes be in sync.

The Processed entry Create page below has several fields.

Figure 3, Create a new Processed entry

Figure 3, Create a new Processed entry.

The Id is the internal reference to this notification group. The Save button is self-explanatory. The back button goes back to the list of Email Domains.

Field Name


Field Name



Ignore - internal reference

Company Name

You can leave this empty, and it will take your current company. If you are managing a lot of Partner companies, you can set it to one of these companies.


This is the CVE that you want to set as processed. If you don’t want to have it processed, then delete it. This is the same as ‘unprocessed.’

How to Edit a Processed Entry

Go to the list of Processed entries by clicking on the Processed Button, as mentioned in Figure 1.

Click on one of the entries.

Figure 4, Select a Processed to Show or Edit

Figure 4, Select a Processed entry to Show or Edit.

The next page shown will be the show page. It shows all the details. To Edit, you must select the edit page. We do this because if people have the audit role, they can only show and not edit, and by default, once the filter is set, it should be mainly viewing it then editing it. This will reduce accident changes.

Figure 5, Edit a Processed entry

CVE Domain is required to be entered.

Delete a Processed entry

Two ways to do it. Within the edit page, see the icon above in Figure 5, Choosing a Processed Entry, and in the list view, select the checkbox and scroll all the way right, and you will see a Delete icon. See Figure 6 below.

Figure 6, Deleting an Email Domain

Figure 6, Deleting a Processed Entry